ICSE Result 2014

It’s been a long wait, hasn’t it? For some, yes. For others, no. Maybe a handful of you even had dreams (or nightmares) about receiving your result, seeing it and going ballistic. I got my result on the 17th of May last year and I remember having a dream about seeing my result early and well – let’s just say that the rest is history.

What I am here to write about is that no matter what happens tomorrow, know that you were, are, and always will be a success. YOU define yourself – not your marks, not your grades, not anything! How you see yourself is how the world sees you. Do us all a favor and stop worrying about tomorrow’s result. Why am I stressing so much on tomorrow when I am trying to make you forget about it? Experience. Experience tells me that there will be a greater percentage of students out there who will be nervous, excited, maybe a mixture of both and who will either be awaiting or dreading the arrival of their exam result tomorrow.

If you’re one of those kids stressing about it or even thinking about it, put an end to those thoughts. Stop being negative. Fill your mind with positivity and once you have calmed down your nerves, stop thinking about tomorrow and live in the moment. 😀


As for tomorrow, I admit I am excited. I would like to know how my readers fared – if this blog proved to be helpful and if the tips I posted were informative. Do let us know! We await your response. Till then, let us free our minds of the forthcoming result and enjoy the moment!

Good luck to everyone who gave the 10th ICSE Board Examinations 2014 and may God bless you all!


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4 thoughts on “ICSE Result 2014

  1. hystericalselcouth says:

    Is it possible for someone who has not written the exams yet to be excited??? 😛 Hehe, quite a few of my friends are going to get their results and frankly, I’m freaking out a bit too!


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