Happy New Year 2016!

Hi there, everyone!

It’s been a while since I have personally posted and interacted with you all. What better an occasion to do that than the New Year! Granted, I’m a couple days late, but Happy New Year to all our lovely readers out there from the big cities to the smallest corners of India! To our “non-India resident” readers who have so chanced upon this post, a hearty Happy New Year to you, as well. 🙂

Hope everyone is doing good, enjoying these last couple months before the big exam (which must seem like a small thing to your brilliant minds), and of course, hope you aren’t stressing it out too much! Stress of course, can be a good thing when channeled positively and if you do feel stressed, channel it in the right direction by using that energy to get moving and working hard towards your goals, which I assume here, are to give your best towards tenth grade and to pass with flying colors. Take some time out to smile, spend time with your family (and not just friends with whom you have probably enjoyed every day at school), and take a break every once in a while to “sharpen your axe!” But, don’t forget, ultimately it’s those who work when everyone else is enjoying and who make their work into play that reap the best fruits!

Inspiration, when it comes from within, can work wonders. If you haven’t yet found your inspiration to give this academic year your best, then look within. What would make you the happiest? Look around you. Given the present circumstances, what would give your parents and your family the greatest pleasure? Wouldn’t their pleasure mean yours, as well? Wouldn’t seeing a big, $100 smile on their face mean the world to you? And, guess what? You have it in yourself to prove to them and to yourself that yes, you can do this. A 100/100 score or an A grade or a 90% isn’t the ultimate goal. It’s the hard work and determination that you put in; it’s the time management and dedication that you learn (lessons for life); it’s all this and more, that goes into the journey till your exams which will make you a different person, and which will be of importance in the end. Not the exams, not the marksheet; but, YOUR hard work and the life lessons YOU learned during this journey is what will count!

So, look at these last two months as an opportunity. How can you make the most of them? How can you get the most done in the least time? How will you concentrate on your academics and how will you leave aside all distractions? The time has come for you to give it your best. There’s still time left for you to give it your all and reap benefits. The choice is yours. Will you take the leap, or will you let this go as just another stranger’s attempt to inspire you and get you moving? Because, hey, I have nothing to lose, but you have everything to gain! Get up, be courageous, and for once, say “Yes!” to yourself and “No!” with just the same amount of force and energy, to anyone and anything that gets in your way.

Because, honey, someone once said, “you are way too smart to be the only thing standing in your way!”

Happy New Year! May God bless you all and may He make 2016 a most fulfilling year for you! Take care and stay strong. 🙂

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