ICSE Result 2016

Namaste, everyone!


Once again, we are delighted to be here with our readers as you all witness receiving your tenth grade board exam results in a week’s time! Two weeks in advance?! That’s right, and as the CISCE said in its press release dated 29th April 2016, it’s a huge achievement. So, of course, we couldn’t wait like every year till the day before the result, to reach out to you! 🙂

We don’t know how many of you are glad, happy, excited, sad, nervous, gloomy, or plain indifferent because of that. BUT, we know we want you to leave with positivity radiating from every pore after you finish reading this!

Life is often quite simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Confucius couldn’t have said it better. That’s the one thing we easily forget when in fact, we really should  make an effort to remember it. There’s a reason behind everything. HOWEVER, nothing beats God’s wishes for you. As long as you have given it your best, there’s nothing to worry about. So, whatever happens, happens for our own good. Have faith!

Not all of you reading this may be theists, but do take some time to reflect upon this message and realize how simple life can be if we rest and let God take care of things. We’ve done our bit, the future is no longer in our hands, and all we can do is sit back and be prepared to face whatever comes our way with a smile on our face. When you think about it this way, you’ll feel your worries melting away and being replaced with peace and calm.

What you score in your exams won’t have a bearing on the destiny that has already been chosen for you. Whether you pass with a perfect score, achieve the goal that you had in mind, or fall short of your expectations, don’t let that judge your actions or your future.

Remain grounded and content in the knowledge that life moves on. Whether it’s the good or the bad, nothing stays forever!

Keep working hard, love your family, spend time with them, and bring positivity into your life. Distance yourself from negative people whose sole aim seems to be to bring you down. But, if you do encounter them, change their views around 180 degrees so that they leave with a positive impression on their minds and never think of bringing negativity into your life again! Whether it’s that next door neighbor or a distant relative, show them that you’re strong, with a balanced mind, and willing to face whatever life throws your way!

It’s not just about today or the tenth grade results. It’s an attitude you have to ensure lasts you a lifetime. 

Nonetheless, may your good wishes come true. With that in mind, we wish you all a hearty  Best of Luck for the result day. 🙂


Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay connected.


Note: You are forbidden to reproduce any part of this work without our prior permission. For more information, please contact us or go through our copyright policy. 

4 thoughts on “ICSE Result 2016

    • ICSE Helper says:



      Congratulations on the amazing score!😃 And thank YOU for the appreciation and positive feedback. We are grateful to have readers like you!

      Keep working hard and take care. Stay connected. 😊


    • ICSE Helper says:


      Hi there!

      Thanks for the positive feedback. It made our day! 🙂

      We’ll do our best to continue to keep helping fellow students.

      Thanks for stopping by! Keep visiting. 🙂


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