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My board exams are over. Now what?


Just gave your last Class 10 board exam and are now wondering what to do?

Agreed, there are endless possibilities!

To get you thinking, we have put together several ways how you can spend your vacation and make it most productive. If you have more ideas, do share in the comments section below! 


Things you can do in the holidays after your board exams…


1. Take a break, have some time to yourself. Forget studies for the time being.


There’s a difference between studying and learning. Take this time to learn, not study!


2. Read books, magazines, blogs. Make sure they are credible, informative, and worth reading.


There are plenty of business, economics, science, technology, cultural, etc. magazines and blogs that talk about the latest topics in their respective fields. Pick those that interest you, and keep yourself updated. Read classics, books from renowned authors or reputed professors, and even try out new authors whose content seems credible and thought-provoking.


3. Pursue your hobbies. You love cricket? Football? Drawing? Painting? Playing music? Dancing? Volunteering? Animals? Teaching kids? Hiking/Trekking? Traveling? Whatever it is, make sure you take some time to do it.


For example, post my tenth board exams, my friend and I used to go to school every day and learn acrylic canvas painting from our art teachers at school. They were generous enough to give us their time, and to this day, my art teacher and I have a beautiful friendly relationship that I cherish much.

Psst… Summer break was also when this blog was born!


4. Spend time with your family. 


Talk to your parents. Share stories. Learn more about their childhood, how they were as a kid, how their tenth grade was, and whatnot. Have siblings? Talk to them, go explore your surroundings together, visit a nearby park. Two years hence, you may be off to college and not even have time to talk. So, make the most of what you have now.


5. Learn to cook your favorite dishes.


Brownies, dosas, pasta, pancakes, donuts. Your mom, grandma, and YouTube are the best cooks. (In another friend’s case, it was her dad!)


6. Learn more about what your parent(s) do at work.


As they say, “learn the tricks of the trade!” Figure out how to operate a bank account. What do checks look like? How do your parents save and handle their finances? What about the money you get on special occasions? Can you do something with it? What does your mom/dad do at work all day? Can you help them? Ask them to teach you the small, practical stuff.


7. Read about new and interesting things that are up and coming, like AI and blockchain and robots (to name just a few).


How will AI change the way the world works? How will it affect jobs by the time you step into the working world? Figure this out. Be a step ahead. You can do it if you really want to.


8. Listen to informative podcasts online. (Do an in-depth online search – you will find some real hidden gems.)


These days, you can get a truckload of information online. Learn to distinguish between information and knowledge. Figure out where you will get knowledge, and make the most of it. Learn about what’s going on in the country and around the world. How do current affairs affect you? Listen/Read about economics and banking, Aadhaar, the future of MBA education and engineering and liberal arts, the water crisis in India, jobs of the future, etc.


9. Learn about the practical applications of science, economics, etc.


Watch videos that explain how science affects our everyday life. Watch how economics is useful even in day-to-day transactions. Learn how finance can help you better manage your piggy bank money. Develop that curiosity!


Take this time to learn, not study. There are so many resources out there that will urge you to think beyond just the regular textbook.

So, go explore!

It will help you diversify your interests and knowledge, which will undoubtedly shape your thinking and ultimately even play an important role when you have to apply for work or higher education.

So, don’t just laze around or sleep all day (which does seem like an interesting proposition after a month of supposedly sleepless nights – but really is just a sham!)

You will have plenty of time to study for Class 11 when school starts (or even after a month, if you really want to start early).


How are you going to spend your vacation? Let us know below!


Note: You are forbidden to reproduce any part of this work without our prior permission. For more information, please contact us or go through our copyright policy. 

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    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Sayan,

      Thank you very much for this lovely comment! You just made our day! So glad this platform has made a difference in your life. Words would fail to describe our gratitude towards you, as well. 😀 🙂 Best wishes, and do stay connected!


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