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ICSE Geography: Agriculture (NOTES)

Namaste everyone! Summer break is going on for most of you, and we hope you are enjoying it while also making the best use of this time. If you are entering Class 11, check out our latest podcast on career (law), stream (commerce), and board (ICSE to CBSE) related advice from a current twelfth grader, Aditi – some of you may already know her.

In the meantime, we are here with Geography notes for the chapter Agriculture. These notes are handwritten, presented in a tabular manner, and available in color (of course, a black and white printout is also possible). The content of the notes has been compiled by reader Tejashree, whom we would like to deeply thank for her contribution – Tejashree scored a 96 percent in her ICSE 2018 board exams and has been a dedicated reader and supporter. You will be seeing more such notes from her in the coming weeks, as well! 🙂

Tejashree’s notes summarize the key points of the following topics:

  • Indian Agriculture
  • Types of farming in India: subsistence and commercial: shifting, intensive, extensive, plantation and mixed.
  • Agricultural seasons (rabi, kharif, zayad)
  • Climatic conditions, soil requirements, methods of cultivation, processing and distribution of the following crops:
    • rice, wheat, millets and pulses
    • sugarcane, oilseeds (groundnut, mustard and soya bean)
    • cotton, jute, tea and coffee

Geography tends to have numerable points and examples to remember, so Tejashree’s tabular notes may make it easier for you to easily visualize and remember the various characteristics, etc. This set of notes may, thus, also help you revise at the last minute.

Here is Tejashree’s accompanying message:

My notes usually were made from Selina Publications and Together With

I have compiled all my notes here. I am sure it’s definitely going to help you all. Keep calm, and do well. Everything will go right. All the best friends!! 🙂


Here’s a link to the PDF file for the aforementioned notes:

ICSE Geography: Agriculture (NOTES) Compiled by Tejashree

You may print these notes through the PDF file and refer to them for your personal use as required. You are forbidden to reproduce any part of these notes without our prior permission. For more information, please contact us or go through our copyright policy. 


Check out the notes, and let us know what you think of Tejashree’s notes! 🙂 If you have any suggestions, you are welcome to share them via the Comments section below.


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